Adornments For The Voyage 

Rich Leathers. Chunky chains. Wrapped stones. Natural bone and horn.  Every piece of jewelry that designer Theresa Wangia makes is steeped in her world of style.  She arranges all of the elements to perfection in the brand known as Beltshazzar Jewels.

Beltshazzar Jewels is the perfect adornment for the modern day voyager.  A sophisticated collection of handmade jewelry and leather accessories that sweeps a woman effortlessly from day to night, and from urban to outback.  Each one-of-a-kind piece is designed to be a treasured companion along the everyday journey that we call LIFE.

Theresa’s vibrant outlook is an expression of her life experiences.  As a child in the 1970s, the music and art shaped her aesthetic senses.  Graced with a multiracial heritage, she embraced her roots with a deep desire to stand out make a unique statement in her life.  Times of challenge early on helped forge her inner faith, and the resolve to endure and thrive.  Today, her creative work is a testament to that irrepressible spirit.

A modeling career in Europe eventually brought her to London where she apprenticed under a jewelry designer, learning essential skills. While living abroad, she fell in love with the business of fashion, assisting on photoshoots and honing her eye for high-end style. With her innate ability to select the finest raw materials, she became an expert jewelry designer with her own definitive approach.

History and culture can be found in the details: Theresa’s GG Grandfather migrated from Germany to Missouri where he opened a cobbler shop and made moccasins for the native indians.  He was also under contract for many years to design and produce the tall riding boots for the legendary Buffalo Bill Cody of the 1800s American wild-west.  Theresa’s grandmother was part Blackfoot Indian, and so naturally her designs evoke a tribal sense. Her working methods and materials are further inspired by indigenous cultures of the Amazon, Kenya, and Papua New Guinea.

Theresa is a noted trend-setter and style-maker with an unmatched creative edge.  Her highly original work has captured the imagination of top fashion maven, Fern Mallis. She has been recognized as one of the top three RAW artist accessory designers in the city of St. Louis, and is a Phoenix fashion week alumni.  

The Beltshazzar Jewels collection can be found in exclusive boutiques in St. Louis, Chicago, Los Angeles, Palm Desert, London and most recently, the St. Louis History Museum. 

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